Notary services

Adv. Gil Bar-Natan is a certified and experienced Notary. We give Notary services according to the law, to private & commercial clients, including:

  1. Notary Certification of Translation – many times a Notary certification of translation is needed for different documents in order to be submitted in a country where a different language is spoken, i.e. professional certifications, passport, birth certificate, court decisions etc.
    We offer swift certifications services for English-Hebrew documents, including preparing the translations.  If needed, we also handle getting Apostille approval for the certified translated documents.
  2. Notary Power of Attorney – for various needs, i.e. in order to make a real estate transaction, in order to receive a mortgage from a bank, general POA to a family member etc.
  3. Last Will – there are a few ways to edit a Will. A Notary Will is considered as a Will before court.
  4. Prenup – in order for a Prenup to be legally valid, it should be approved by the court or to be authenticated by a Notary.
  5. Additional Approvals – Authentication of Signature, Certification of copy, Confirmation of receipt of an affidavit or declaration, and more.

You are invited to contact us, we will be happy to give you our best  services.